1. In denial. The game had a large user base that had held together for YEARS (as you show) because of how the game was. But we are told that it couldn’t survive as it was and that your recent big updates were necessary. Before the update people were generally satisfied and is why they were playing. It’s almost insulting to be told the reason I have gone from being very active for six years to barely playing, was necessary in order to keep me playing. I hate when people add insult to injury.

    • “Why am I here doing what I am to save the game?”. Sorry but what are you talking about “save the game?” It’s burning down the house to get rid of the wasps! It was working fine with the game it was and why I and others played for so long, but you say adamantly the only way it works is to have a lot of different games in one. What is the evidence for that?
      You promise to fix it but fix could mean anything at this stage. To me fix means go back to how it was on June 7th. Your fix could be remove more good things about the game and add more rubbish.

  2. Ben,

    It’s very understandable that you question what updates are necessary or whether they have been implemented well. The premise that the game had a large user base is mistaken however – the game has a small user base and has not been on a sustainable path for some time. Figuring out a path forward is not as simple as you make it sound – we’re all going to have different opinions on what that path is, but ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix’ is just inaccurate.

    This is a general response from Zubaz to own that we have unhappy folks, we’ve made mistakes along the way, and we are working on adjusting course. Ultimately, we have to make the game accessible to new users at the exact same time that we maintain the appeal for our existing users – and he’s admitting we aren’t there about as bluntly as he can.

  3. z – don’t take it personally. we love you.
    i like the idea of customization and feature stacking to create lots of little games/communities.

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