Longest current owner tenures

Record Book Request Line ask from JohnLegend “….is it possible to track owner longevity….owners that have owned the same team for five or more years interrupted…

Spring TrainingBoyertown BombersDWildstar2003-11-01 00:00:00
Eta AlphaBoca Raton ManateesPigge2003-11-01 00:00:00
7th Inning StretchTura Flyersburuxa2003-11-01 00:00:00
C-Town OpenRome Gladiatorschet2003-11-01 00:00:00
A Star Is RebornRio Verde Saguarosscottmmanson2004-01-02 18:41:16
Spring TrainingCleveland SteemersMJC72004-04-02 21:31:32
7th Inning StretchOrlando Spelunkerschet2004-06-01 13:05:42
AAAWinside Wildcatsjdjaeger542005-04-19 11:13:56
Kapsileta Baseball LeagueMaine Maraudersmr. hamburger2005-05-08 23:30:44
Eta AlphaBig Sky Banditosverizer2005-10-28 09:30:10
Kapsileta Baseball LeagueModena Grungersspoonman19812005-11-30 05:31:44
Alpha Omicron EtaMushroom Hill DiamondGodsHondo2006-03-02 08:11:13
AAASeattle Earthmoversskdonovan2006-03-03 15:45:33
Spring TrainingWest Plano Fighting Nutriawfn712006-03-18 17:17:29
Lawn ChairBunch Moonshinersstarwalker2007-07-19 08:23:44
CardsClubhouseSaskatchewan Eh-thleticsDbacksfan722007-09-17 21:29:29
America's PastimeGreenwich Ducksspambox2007-09-21 09:39:08
Alpha Delta EpsilonShanurbia Knights of Leviathantyleviathan2008-03-05 19:10:25
Lawn ChairTiki Torcheswfn712008-05-07 13:28:07
Amateur BaseballTaipei m's F-Aircraftkaz.mitsui2008-08-07 02:41:32
7th Inning StretchHershey Ba'arsschneider212008-09-29 14:55:03
Galactic B L - salary cap enforcedThe EmpireLewbalz2008-10-07 21:23:36
Western DiamondszMammoth Rock Monstersstrangequiet2008-10-20 16:30:36
Beer LeagueGuinness Blacksjfn99fan2008-11-01 13:56:49

(If you haven’t checked out the Record Book Request Line where andujar has been diligently trying to track down records for folks, check it out HERE) and for the full owner tenure results and other recent Jar findings, keep an eye on the Record Book forum HERE.

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